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Coronavirus Latest: Baltimore Mayor Jack Young Calls For President Trump

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore Mayor Jack Young called President Donald Trump to not just bail out corporations during the coronavirus pandemic, but cities and states as well. Baltimore News
He spoke after touring the Baltimore Convention Center and Hilton Hotel, which are being repurposed as field hospitals to deal with the growing number of cases in the state. Baltimore Political News
“We’re calling on the president to give stimulus packages to the city and to the state, they’re bailing out the corporations, but who is bailing out the cities, that are gonna have this big tab of revenue loss?” He said. “I’m calling on the federal government, particularly our president, to put forward a stimulus package for cities, so we get that support that we need.”

To Give Stimulus Packages To Cities & States, Not Just Corporations

The mayor said he, along with county executives across the state are in regular contact working together to try to coordinate plans to locally limit the spread of the virus. Baltimore Medical News
He added all the hospitals in the state are working together to fight the pandemic, no one is trying to take the lead, and a main focus is getting the convention center and hotel ready for cases.
He urged people, particularly young people, to follow their guidelines and stay inside.
“I just want the citizens of Baltimore to know we’re on top of this, I don’t know when we’re gonna come out of it, but we’re doing everything humanly possible that we can do to slow the curve of the coronavirus.” Baltimore Distribution Services

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