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Hotel Revival Works To Help Other Baltimore Businesses During Coronavirus Pandemic

BALTIMORE (WJZ) — As people are being asked to stay home due to the coronavirus pandemic, businesses like Hotel Revival knew they would take a hit.
But instead of feeling sorry for themselves, they decided to reach out to other businesses being affected, and offer a helping hand.
“We believe the the commercial side of things will take care of themselves,” Donte Johnson said. “We really want to be a positive impact on the community.”
Johnson is the General Manager of Hotel Revival where they are opening their kitchen to restaurants or chefs who can no longer have a place to work. Baltimore news
“If you were in one of Baltimore’s many market locations, and those spaces are closed down, we can allow you to do pickup out of the valet location at our hotel, and you can operate out of our kitchen,” Johnson said.

Jason Bass is acting as the liaison between the restaurants and the hotels.

He said they’ve already received interest from 25 small businesses looking to take advantage of the free service.
“We all have to do our share in a time of crisis, and the only thing we can manage is our response,” Bass said. Baltimore Political News
Also managing their response in a way that serves the community, the American Visionary Art Museum.
“We know that community engagement is still important during this time, so we’re doing what we can to bring ourselves virtually to our visitors,” an employee with the American Visionary Art Museum told WJZ. Baltimore Medical News
Like providing online, at home art workshops using items you may already have laying around the house.
“We’re hoping to keep people engaged through the online channels that are available to us,” an employee said.
And while online art classes and open kitchen spaces won’t solve everything, it’s a start.
“We certainly can’t do everything, but there are people who can help and that’s our focus right now,” Johnson said. Baltimore Distribution Service

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