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ATF Finding More Untraceable Guns "Ghost Guns" in Baltimore

 Gun Ghost In Baltimore  Crime & Justice

BALTIMORE (WBFF) - The findings from an Operation: Crime & Justice investigation show the recovery of ghost guns in Baltimore has increased.

Operation: Crime & Justice

The growth coincides with an increase in sales.

ATF Finding More Untraceable Guns "Ghost Guns" in Baltimore

Over a four year period, Fox45 News found suppliers of ghost gun kits to Maryland have seen sales nearly quadruple.

According to ATF Special Agent in Charge Timothy Jones, Prince George's County was the first jurisdiction in Maryland to see an uptick of ghost guns on the streets and now Baltimore is seeing a similar spike.

Earlier this year, D.C. Rapper Martrel Reeves a.k.a. Fat Trel entered a guilty plea in federal court for the illegal possession of a ghost gun.

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Martrel Reeves a.k.a Fat Trel/WBFF

Federal prosecutors say the untraceable firearm was assembled from a firearm parts kit.

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Following Reeves guilty plea, U.S. District Attorney for the District of Maryland Robert Hur commented on the threat ghost guns pose.

“Law enforcement must be able to keep guns out of the hands of convicted criminals,” said U.S. Attorney Robert K. Hur. “So-called ‘ghost guns’ circumvent the laws designed to prevent felons from possessing firearms because they have no serial numbers and do not require background checks.”

ATF Finding More Untraceable Guns "Ghost Guns" in Baltimore

Reeves faces a maximum sentence of ten years in federal prison.

He's scheduled to be sentenced in January.

Last year, the ATF saw the recovery of 117 ghost guns in Maryland.

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By March of 2020, more than half that number had already been recovered.

Operation: Crime & Justice uncovered more than 12,000 ghost gun kits were sold to someone in Maryland during 2016 through 2019 with cumulative sales over $1,000,000.00

ATF Finding More Untraceable Guns "Ghost Guns" in Baltimore/WBFF

According to the ATF, ghost gun kits offer someone like Reeves easy access to a weapon they would otherwise not be able to obtain.

With the proper tools individuals can manufacture a fully functioning firearm with no background check.

Since the weapons are not fully functioning when shipped, the gun politics in the united  Control Act doesn't apply.

For a sixth straight year, Baltimore has seen more than 300 murders.

The majority of those killings involved an individual being fatally shot.

ATF Finding More Untraceable Guns "Guns" in Baltimore/WBFF

Operation: Crime and Justice contacted Mayor Jack Young, Mayor Elect Brandon Scott, Councilman Isaac "Yitzy" Schleifer, and Council President Elect Nick Mosby regarding the increase in ghost guns on City streets.

ATF Finding More Untraceable Guns "Ghost Guns" in Baltimore

All the City leaders remained silent when questioned on efforts to address united states the sale of ghost gun kits in Baltimore; leaders in Washington D.C. meanwhile have outlawed build-it-yourself firearm kits.


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