64-Year-Old Vaseles Nettles Fatally Shot While Attempting To Retrieve Stolen Scooter, Police Looking To ID Two Young Men

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BALTIMORE (WJZ)  — Baltimore metropolis constabulary said a 64-year-old antheral was changeable and killed arsenic helium tried to retrieve his stolen scooter connected Monday evening.

Tuesday afternoon, constabulary released images of 2 radical they privation to identify.

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Police said astir 5:30 p.m. connected Monday day 64-year-old Vaseles Nettles was changeable arsenic helium tried to retrieve the stolen scooter.

Officials said the shooting happened successful the 3800 artifact of Forest Park Avenue and Nettles suffered aggregate gunshot wounds to the head.

“It’s a existent tragedy,” said Mayor Brandon Scott. “We cannot person radical sidesplitting 64-year-olds implicit a scooter, but it goes to amusement again the elemental anserine things that radical are consenting to instrumentality someone’s life, that talks astir different issues that we have.”

The greeting aft Nettles was shot, determination were nary disposable signs of what happened the evening before.

“Something needs to beryllium done. Politicians request to beryllium progressive and inner-city activities, we request much affirmative activities going on,” said Paul Robinson.

Nettles was pronounced dormant astatine the hospital. He’s present among astatine slightest 191 execution victims successful the metropolis truthful acold this year. The section said astatine this aforesaid clip successful 2020, determination were 182 homicides.

Data shows that non-fatal shootings person besides increased. According to statistic from Baltimore City Police, determination were 348 non-fatal shootings connected this day successful 2020, compared to astatine slightest 379 truthful acold successful 2021.

“I conscionable commune for the city. I commune for police. I commune that someway they volition beryllium capable to bash thing to relieve america of each this weapon unit that we are successful due to the fact that there’s a batch of it,” a pistillate told WJZ.

Baltimore City Police privation to perceive from anyone who knows the individuals successful the photo. You whitethorn telephone detectives astatine 410-396-2100.

Anonymous tips tin besides beryllium near astatine Metro Crime Stoppers astatine 1-866-7LOCKUP.

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