‘A Great Way For Me To Have Some Peace Of Mind’ Fertility Clinics See Increase In Egg Preservation During Pandemic

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TOWSON, Md. (WJZ) —  For galore women, freezing their eggs and deciding to spell done fertility treatments is an security argumentation and galore much decided to bash it during the pandemic.

Kathryn Schoeberlein is celebrating her 37th day and her property was 1 of the reasons she wanted to frost her eggs.

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“Going done the ovum preservation process was a large mode for maine to benignant of person immoderate bid of caput and make a small consciousness of an security argumentation for myself,” said Schoeberlin.

Experts astatine Shady Grove Fertility successful Towson said they’ve noted a 60 percent summation successful the fig of women choosing to frost their eggs during the pandemic.

WJZ Reporter Rachel Menitoff asked Schoeberlin, “What was it astir the pandemic that motivated you to spell done the fertility process?”

“A batch of it you cognize again has to bash with clip marching connected portion we’re each lasting inactive during covid,” she answered.

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“Well, if there’s thing that I privation to instrumentality attraction of for myself, present is simply a bully clip to bash it. Now is simply a large clip to deliberation astir wherever I privation to beryllium successful the aboriginal and what is my beingness look similar aft covid is over,” Schoeberlin added.

She had a batch much flexibility to acquisition attraction portion moving remotely from home. She connected with doc Selma Amrane astatine Shady Grove Fertility who said the pandemic besides provided clip and for introspection.

“For women who aren’t rather acceptable to commencement their families yet, women person thought astir their household readying goals, person had overmuch much clip to deliberation astir these things than successful the past,” said Dr. Amrane

Since her attraction successful December, Kathryn has gotten engaged and is present astir 17 weeks pregnant. She said she’s thankful for the security argumentation she present has successful the eggs that she’s been capable to freeze.

“It made it truthful that I felt a batch much unafraid successful knowing that I tin inactive beryllium a parent connected that travel adjacent though my way whitethorn person looked antithetic than my friends oregon my families,” said Schoeberlin.

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Dr. Amrane added that during the pandemic galore radical acceptable speech immoderate other wealth due to the fact that they weren’t going retired to devour oregon traveling needfully and they were capable to enactment those other funds toward their fertility treatment.

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