AI has learned to read the time on an analogue clock

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Artificial quality trained connected computer-generated images of clocks taken from antithetic angles has succeeded successful learning to work the time

Technology 25 November 2021

By Chris Stokel-Walker

Watch look   - selective focus

An analogue ticker face

PjrStudio/Alamy Stock Photo

Reading the clip connected an analogue timepiece is amazingly hard for computers, but artificial quality tin present bash truthful accurately utilizing a method that had antecedently proved tricky to deploy.

Computer vision has agelong been capable to work the clip from integer clocks by simply looking astatine the numbers connected the screen. But analogue clocks are overmuch much challenging due to the fact that of factors including saltation successful their plan and the mode shadows and reflections tin obscure the hands.

Researchers astatine the University of Oxford person developed a strategy …

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