Beyond the migration: Accenture and AWS expand partnership to support continuous cloud innovation

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Five-year hold besides includes grooming to assistance clients recognize and instrumentality unreality capabilities much quickly.


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Accenture is expanding its AWS concern by adding caller services to assistance customers instrumentality unreality solutions much quickly. The thought is to physique industry-specific accelerators to velocity up deployments and to assistance companies bid their workforce to amended recognize unreality capabilities.

Accenture's Cloud First concern portion was the biggest operator of the company's wide unreality concern maturation from $12 cardinal to $18 billion, according to the company.

Matt Garman, elder vice president of income and selling astatine AWS, said successful a property merchandise that the reusable accelerators are designed to marque unreality translation easier and much predictable.

 "We've learned done acquisition that lawsuit occurrence often hinges connected 2 cardinal factors: velocity and the quality to follow caller ways of working," helium said. 

Over the adjacent 5 years, Accenture volition make a scope of caller accelerators to code the biggest challenges successful unreality migrations with a extremity of enabling AWS innovations to beryllium adopted up to 50% faster.  The Accenture AWS Business Group has 20,000 unreality specialists and the radical has worked with AWS to physique 40 solutions for 16 industries.

Andy Tay, planetary pb for the Accenture AWS Business Group, said the concern makes unreality archetypal an easier choice. 

"What we shaped with AWS is simply a imaginativeness for the adjacent 5 years to assistance clients code the standard and complexity of unreality projects," helium said.

These "pre-built unreality services" volition marque it easier for companies to usage artificial quality and instrumentality learning to code industry-specific challenges, specified arsenic unit absorption for nationalist information organizations. 

Tay said that Accenture clients tin usage these accelerators to instrumentality AWS unreality services 50% faster. 

The caller concern has 3 goals:

  1. Building caller industry-specific accelerators for unreality projects 
  2. Extending the concern worth of unreality projects beyond the archetypal migration
  3. Supporting the quality endowment and alteration dimensions of unreality deployments astatine scale

According to a recent Accenture survey of 1,100 IT leaders moving connected unreality deployments, leaders who alteration their radical arsenic good arsenic tech infrastructure reported 60% higher ROI connected unreality investments than those who focused connected tech alone.

As portion of this investment, Accenture besides volition proceed to put successful data-driven solutions for endowment improvement and organizational change.

"Having the close endowment is successful our caput the cardinal determinant to getting the champion worth you tin from the cloud," Tay said.

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These tools besides volition enactment continuous innovation and let companies to reimagine the relation of data, according to Tay.

This "intentional innovation" spans 3 areas:

  1. Connecting capabilities from AWS with services from partners specified arsenic Salesforce to make caller products and services
  2. Learning however to amended usage AWS and unreality autochthonal services to summation ratio and trim costs
  3. Using unreality services to physique predictive models to respond to trends much quickly 

Tay predicts that the gait of innovation volition proceed astatine a accelerated gait implicit the adjacent 5 years arsenic agelong arsenic companies tin support the workforce up to speed.

"What matters present is truly astatine the lawsuit site: harnessing those resources requires a committedness to continuous innovation and that comes down to people," helium said.

The Accenture AWS Business Group launched successful 2015 and today's quality represents a five-year extension. Tay said that the Accenture/AWS concern has succeeded due to the fact that of a shared absorption connected lawsuit needs and the quality to collaborate. 

"We've honed the quality to get our athletes moving astir the way unneurotic and a communal enslaved to innovate drives trust," helium said. "There's besides an unwavering tendency by some teams to innovate and to spot the accidental adjacent if it is disruptive to your existing business." 

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