Biden Rejects The Republican Plan To Raise The Gas Tax

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President Biden rejected the Republican idea of raising the gas tax to pay for infrastructure.

A White House spokesperson told reporters:

Biden comes out swinging against indexing gas tax to inflation as part of infrastructure deal

Spokesman: “The President is firmly against any plan to reverse these hard-won gains by taxing middle class families for simply driving to work or taking their kids to school.”

— Burgess Everett (@burgessev) June 18, 2021

Biden has been consistent and emphatic. He will not raise taxes on working people and families to pay for infrastructure. He will pay for infrastructure by ending Trump‘s tax cut for the wealthy and corporations.

The bipartisan infrastructure plan is probably going nowhere because it seems that the people who negotiated the agreement aren’t sure how they are going to pay for it. Some Republicans like the plan because it keeps Trump’s tax cuts for the rich, but that is also a non-starter for Biden.

Democrats are preparing to pass infrastructure on their own, and Joe Biden is sending the message that the money to pay for it won’t come out of the pockets of families and middle-class Americans.

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