Catholic Bishops Show Their True Colors By Targeting Biden And Trying To Deny Him Communion

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President Biden is a Catholic who attends church every week, but some conservative Catholic bishops are targeting Biden and trying to deny him communion.

The New York Times reported:

The Roman Catholic bishops of the United States, flouting a warning from the Vatican, have overwhelmingly voted to draft a statement on the sacrament of the Eucharist, advancing a political push by conservative bishops to deny President Biden communion because of his support of abortion rights.

The decision, made public on Friday afternoon, is aimed at the nation’s second Catholic president, the most religiously observant commander in chief since Jimmy Carter, and exposes bitter divisions in American Catholicism. It capped three days of contentious debate at a virtual June meeting of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The measure was approved by a vote of 73 percent in favor, and 24 percent opposed.

These same bishops ignored the dozens of allegations of rape and sexual assault against former president Trump, did not mind that he has committed adultery numerous times, paid off an adult film star to keep a sexual encounter secret, was not a regular church attendee to put it generously, and could even correctly hold a Bible.

The bishops are targeting a decent man of faith because he defends a woman’s right to control her own body.

Churches enjoy tax-exempt status, but the Catholic Bishops are clearly engaging in political behavior.

Joe Biden has been a role model president. By targeting him, the Roman Catholic bishops are revealing their own corruption.

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