Father & Son Duo Start 200-Mile Kayak Journey Down Chesapeake Bay

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ELKTON, Md. (WJZ) — A begetter and his lad are taking connected a 200-mile kayak travel down the Chesapeake Bay to rise wealth for families who’ve been deed hard by the pandemic.

On a blistering blistery summertime morning, Hearly Mayr and his lad Andreas loaded up their kayaks and into the h2o successful Elkton to commencement retired a agelong travel down the Chesapeake Bay.

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“We privation to paddle Elk River Park successful the bluish extremity of the Chesapeake Bay each the mode down, 200 miles, 12 days,” said Hearly Mayr.

The vigor wasn’t going to halt the duo from going connected their trip, which they’re calling the Bay 200 Challenge. They’re doing it to rise wealth for radical who are severely successful request of nutrient due to the fact that of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We’re supporting the Adventist Development and Relief Agency, a Maryland-based non-profit organization. They’re doing immoderate fantastic enactment helping families astir the satellite particularly with the contented of hunger,” said Hearly.

On their trip, they’ll paddle done the bay and marque stops successful towns and beaches successful Maryland and Virginia and spell each the mode to Smith Island wherever the Chesapeake meets the Atlantic ocean.

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“I’m beauteous excited. I deliberation it’s going to beryllium amusive and we’re gonna person a batch of clip unneurotic to bond,” said Andreas.

Every dollar donated to the hunger run volition beryllium matched with different $2. The duo is hoping their efforts volition promote radical to donate truthful they tin assistance the radical scope its extremity of raising $3 cardinal by the extremity of July.

“It’s a large origin due to the fact that galore radical are suffering from hunger and I deliberation we request to assistance them out,” said Andreas.

Those interested, tin travel them on their travel connected societal media by looking up hashtag #bay200challenge.

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To larn much oregon to donate today, spell to www.ADRA.org/bay200challenge/give.

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