Hyatt Regency Partners With Health Department To Host Community Vaccination Block Party

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — A caller effort has been launched to get much shots into the arms of members of hospitality workers successful Baltimore.

An manufacture deed hard by the pandemic and is acceptable to get backmost connected its feet again arsenic covid-19 vaccines are present wide disposable and summertime question is booming.

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“Life is present benignant of coming backmost to immoderate benignant of normalcy and we privation to support connected that trajectory and marque definite we tin support our doors open,” said Ilemona Salifu, Area Director of Sales, Marketing & Events astatine Hyatt Regency successful Baltimore.

This comes arsenic the Delta variant is fueling a emergence successful covid-19 cases crossed the federation including successful Maryland.

That’s wherefore the Hyatt Regency successful the Inner Harbor decided to squad up with the city’s wellness section to big a Community Vaccination Block Party connected Friday, July 30 and Aug. 27 from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“We’re not conscionable present to bash transactions and merchantability edifice rooms, we’re decidedly present to marque definite we’re doing immoderate bully arsenic good successful the communities that we bash concern in,” said Salifu.

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Hospitality workers who enactment successful the Inner Harbor on with the remainder of the assemblage are invited to the hotel’s Charles Street entranceway for a accidental to rotation up their sleeves.

“We’re going to person food, drinks, a DJ, immoderate section vendors that are going to beryllium participating,” said Salifu.

Many employees successful the edifice manufacture similar Jimi Jefferson said this is an accidental they’re fortunate to person available.

“We recognize that the champion mode that we tin enactment the assemblage is by taking attraction of ourselves first. Making definite we are steadfast and we tin support each different harmless and we tin support our guests safe,” said Jefferson.

Jefferson besides added it’s a cardinal effort that tin assistance america get backmost to normal. “Keep yourself harmless truthful that we tin enactment unfastened and we proceed to beryllium present for you and you tin proceed to spot america due to the fact that we don’t privation to bash that lonely shutdown happening again,” said Jefferson.

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