‘It’s What Our Families Deserve’ $6M To Be Invested Into Three South Baltimore Parks

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) —  Six cardinal dollars successful concern funds are being poured into 3 South Baltimore Parks including Carroll Park successful Pigtown, Florence Cummings Park successful Westport and Solo-Gibbs Park successful Sharp-Leadenhall.

Robert McLean was astatine Carroll Park Tuesday with his 6-year-old lad Bryson who was enjoying the swings but wished helium could usage the slides which were boarded up. He’s blessed to perceive the parkland and adjacent recreation halfway volition beryllium getting immoderate TLC.

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“It’s fantastic due to the fact that we volition person determination to travel erstwhile it’s raining oregon snowing, done each the weather. He’s precise energetic, he’s astatine 100 each the clip truthful it’s going to beryllium wonderful,” said McLean.

Two cardinal of that allotted wealth volition spell to the reopening of the recreation halfway successful Pigtown, which has been vacant for 20 years. “We cognize that erstwhile we put successful young radical we trim violence, unafraid equity wrong communities and marque a amended prime of beingness for generations to come,” said Mayor Brandon Scott.

For McLean, it’s astir having a harmless abstraction for his lad to play with friends. “I truly deliberation it’s bully and harmless I consciousness comfy with him moving astir and I americium not seeing nary occupation since we person been surviving retired present truthful I deliberation it’s a bully happening they’re putting the wealth into it to marque it better.”

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Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, the South Baltimore Gateway Partnership, Westport Community Economic Development Corp. and others privation to marque the metropolis a spot wherever everyone tin bask being outside.

“Improving the prime of beingness of each Baltimore residents is what our families deserve,” said Scott.

The caller investments volition include:

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  • Carroll Park Recreation Center. After 20 years of vacancy, the Carroll Park Recreation Center volition person $2 cardinal successful backing allowing for a implicit overhaul and aboriginal reopening.
  • Florence Cummins Park. One cardinal volition beryllium spent to instrumentality the Florence Cummins Park Master Plan which the Westport assemblage worked connected for much than a year. The Master Plan was besides funded by SBGP.
  • Solo Gibbs Park. One cardinal volition beryllium spent to enactment the Solo Gibbs Master Plan, including caller diversion fields

Other enhancements volition beryllium dispersed crossed the South Baltimore Gateway District.

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