Justin Lee Buchanan Found Guilty Of Firing At Baltimore County Police Officers In May 2020

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ELKRIDGE, Md. (WJZ) — A 35-year-old Baltimore antheral was recovered blameworthy of attempted second-degree execution aft firing shots astatine Baltimore County Police officers successful May 2020.

Justin Lee Buchanan fired astatine officers from wrong his conveyance aft a constabulary pursuit that ended successful Elkridge connected May 21. He was besides recovered blameworthy of first-degree assault, weapons violations and superior postulation offenses.

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Police were conducting successful Lansdowne astir 1:50 p.m. to apprehend Benjamin Lemon, who had an unfastened apprehension warrant for being suspected successful a Baltimore County shooting connected May 19. Lemon got into the backmost spot of a achromatic 2014 Acura RX that Buchanan was driving. When officers tried to initiate a postulation stop, Buchanan sped distant from constabulary — triggering a pursuit.

Credit: Howard County Police

The pursuit headed southbound to Howard County. Around 2:27 p.m., aggregate shots were fired from wrong the suspect’s conveyance astatine Baltimore County constabulary officers. Officers took screen and fired back. Three minutes later, the incidental ended successful the 5700 artifact of Furnace Avenue.

Buchanan and a rider successful the beforehand spot were injured and taken to Shock Trauma. Lemon was not injured and was taken into custody.

Police recovered a handgun connected country and aggregate spent cartridges. Buchanan’s DNA was linked to the firearm used.

Buchana was convicted of felony possession with intent to administer successful 2014 and was convicted of unlawful possession of a regulated firearm successful 2010.

He was prohibited from having a firearm owed to his erstwhile convictions.

“Mr. Buchanan’s reckless and unsafe behaviour successful fleeing from constabulary and then, later, firing shots astatine instrumentality enforcement not lone endangered the lives of responding officers, but besides enactment the community, arsenic a whole, astatine risk,” said State’s Attorney Rich Gibson. “Today’s verdict brings justness and a consciousness of alleviation to many; knowing the suspect is being held accountable for his actions and volition nary longer beryllium a menace to our communities.”

Buchanan volition beryllium sentenced connected October 8, 2021.

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