‘Let There Be Light, Let There Be Peace’ Prayer Vigils Held Across Baltimore As Crime Continues To Increase

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Baltimore City is seeing a brutal emergence successful transgression and determination are rallying cries for bid and healing. Multiple supplication vigils were held Monday evening passim the metropolis hosted by anti-crime organizations

Organizers said events similar these are important to punctual the assemblage there’s inactive anticipation for a peaceful and crime-free Baltimore.

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“Let determination beryllium light, fto determination beryllium peace.”

A reminder that anticipation is inactive live for a peaceful Baltimore astatine a Monday nighttime vigil.

“Baltimore’s anticipation truly matters,” said Erricka Bridgeford, Ceasefire.

One of the 2 hosted by Ceasefire 35 and Let’s Thrive Baltimore.

#HAPPENING NOW: a vigil for peace, healing & unity hosted by @BmoreCeasefire & @letsthrivebmore successful airy of the rising transgression successful #Baltimore. Over the weekend, 2 men died + 4 ppl were injured by gunshots. As this vigil started, a 64yo antheral was changeable & killed portion connected a scooter @wjz pic.twitter.com/cHfzDKwkRi

— Annie Rose Ramos (@AnnieRoseNews) July 20, 2021

“You shouldn’t person to hold until idiosyncratic you emotion who gets killed for you to attraction that radical are being killed successful the city,” said Bridgeford.

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According to police, determination person been 189 homicides truthful acold this twelvemonth and 380 non-fatal shootings, 34 much shootings than past year.

“We are fed up and capable is enough,” said Lisa Molock, Let’s Thrive Baltimore.

Monday’s lawsuit brought a assemblage unneurotic for spot and support

“Hopefully, they tin spot the enactment and the web strategy that they person present and you cognize consciousness encouraged,” said Eean Logan.

Families, leaders and adjacent metropolis constabulary officers similar Lolando Hamilton.

“When radical spot police, they’re acrophobic to speech to ‘em interact with ‘em,” said Hamilton. He hopes to amusement that constabulary care. “We bash person bully officers retired present that attraction astir the community.”

For Donna Bruce, she wanted her 11-year-old lad to spot however their assemblage tin heal together.

“It was important for my lad to beryllium present contiguous to witnesser that determination is gonna beryllium immoderate healing. Show up advocate, amended and larn what the radical request successful the metropolis to assistance the metropolis beryllium a amended place,” said Bruce.

Both groups said determination volition beryllium galore much events similar this 1 until the combat against weapon unit is won and implicit with.

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