Man Caught On Camera Digging Up All Of Lakeview Woman’s Rose Bushes, And Not For First Time

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CHICAGO (CBS) — A Lakeview pistillate was stunned to observe that idiosyncratic precocious ripped disconnected each and each roseate bush she planted.

As CBS 2’s Jermont Terry reported Wednesday night, Natalie Gordon is truthful upset that determination is present a reward to find the thief spotted connected camera unearthing the flowers.

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Gordon enjoys gardening and has developed a greenish thumb implicit the years excessively – immoderate small cherry oregon grape tomatoes are increasing successful her beforehand gait close now. Some roseate buses utilized to beryllium increasing on the parkway too, but not anymore.

“This similar 1 of my lilies – it was torn retired by the roots,” she said arsenic she showed Terry the damage. “This is similar 1 of my roseate bushes.”

Every roseate autobus was destroyed – not by weather, but by 1 feline caught connected camera. Surveillance video captured him coming by with a shovel and cautiously uprooting each bush, leaving immense holes wherever roses sprouted.

“It’s truly deflating – each that work, each that time, each that money,” Gordon said.

She knows her roseate plot sits adjacent the street.

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“The metropolis has a regularisation wherever you can’t person weeds, overgrown weeds oregon something, oregon they good you – which is what it was erstwhile I archetypal moved in,” Gordon said. “I figured I’d marque it look nicer.”

Yet Gordon cannot recognize wherefore the antheral opted to commencement digging extracurricular her home. And get this – the roses vanished different clip antecedently too.

“So I went done my information footage that we installed past twelvemonth aft the aforesaid happening happened, and I was really capable to propulsion similar 7 minutes of video of this guy, like, conscionable digging up my yard,” Gordon said.

You work close – she believes the precise aforesaid feline dug up her bushes before. And it turns retired helium could beryllium connected to different wrecked roseate gardens successful the area, a neighbour told Gordon.

“Her roseate bushes had been pulled up from the roots and 1 of them had been chopped up,” she said.

While the enactment is much irritating than anything, Gordon is offering a $200 reward if anyone tin place the guy.

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“I conscionable privation to find retired who’s doing it and get them to stop, due to the fact that I conscionable privation to works my plot 1 much clip and conscionable person it stay,” Gordon said.

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