Matt Schlapp: There’s A Lot of Buzz About Trump Becoming House Speaker in 2022

3 months ago 42

When Joe Biden won the White House this November, Democrats thought they wouldn’t have to deal with Donald Trump for  number of years. That might not be true, though.

If Trump wanted to, he could easily win a Republican house seat in the state of Florida. And if Republicans won back the House at the same time, Trump could be elected into a leadership position, potentially even Speaker of the House.

Former Trump aide Matt Schlapp talked about the possibility during a recent appearance on Newsmax. He told host John Bachman:

“There’s a lot of buzz out there that Donald Trump would even be potentially someone they’d crown as Speaker of the House if the Republicans get the majority back. I’m not saying that’s a live wire, but it’s an interesting conversation about Trump inserting himself in the fight for the Republicans to get back the majority”

The Republican strategist also claimed that Trump could really help the party by getting involved in the 2022 midterms. He continued, “these rallies are going to have a tremendous injection of positive energy into our politics.”

Trump hasn’t shied away from the possibility of running for office in 2022. After  being pitched by Wayne Allen Root on the possibility of him running for a congressional seat, Trump responded, “that’s so interesting. Yeah, you know it’s very interesting,But you know what, your idea (rather than running for a senate seat) might be better. It’s very interesting.”

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