MS-13 Gang Leader Gets 45 Years In Racketeering Conspiracy To Commit Murders, Extortion

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Jorge Guerra-Castillo, 40, of Silver Spring, was sentenced to 45 years successful national prison, followed by 5 years of supervised merchandise for pleading blameworthy successful July to conspiracy to enactment successful racketeering activities, including 2 murders and 2 attempted murders, according to a connection from the Maryland District of the U.S. Attorney’s Office.

Guerra-Castillo was a subordinate of the Fulton Locos Salvatruchas clique successful MS-13 who approved and arranged for pack members to termination a antheral connected April 7, 2015, by luring him to a wooded country successful Frederick, wherever they struck him with a machete until helium died, according to the statement. The MS-13 members buried the victim’s assemblage successful that area.

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Before May 10, 2015, Guerra-Castillo forced the 2nd unfortunate to marque regular extortion payments to the gang. He past directed pack members to kidnap and termination the antheral connected May 10, 2015, erstwhile helium stopped making the payments, according to the statement. Gang members forced the antheral into a vehicle, took him to a wooded area, and were astir to termination him but didn’t erstwhile the antheral agreed to pay. The antheral was past released.

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Guerra-Castillo approved pack members sidesplitting a 3rd antheral connected Aug. 28, 2015, aft surveilling him and his girlfriend. They went to his flat that day, waited for the mates to return, and attacked them with a machete and knives, according to the statement. They some survived, but the antheral suffered terrible wounds to his look and some hands were astir severed. He mislaid each relation successful 1 manus and has lone constricted usage of the other.

In the last incidental to which Guerra-Castillo pleaded guilty, helium admitted to approving and assisting successful readying a execution of a rival pack member. On June 24, 2017, Guerra-Castillo’s woman lured the unfortunate to a determination truthful different pack members could kidnap and termination him. They took him to a secluded country successful Crownsville, wherever a sedate had been dug already. They attacked the antheral with a machete and knives until helium died, past dismembered the antheral and buried him successful the grave, according to the statement. This execution was to support and summation some the presumption of MS-13 and the gang’s members.

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