Nothing Bundt Cakes In Baltimore County Is Full Of Love & Sweet Aromas

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Nothing Bundt Cakes has been unfastened for 5 weeks and Emily and Margo Hunter person formed a originative Mother/Daughter concern – a peculiar enslaved that started years ago.

The parking batch is afloat and yet you can’t assistance but beryllium drawn successful by the aroma of sweetener conscionable beyond their doors.

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Emily and Margo Hunter aren’t conscionable concern partners. There’s tender attraction successful this franchise — a household — and erstwhile they manus you a cake, they privation to marque you consciousness similar you’re a portion of theirs.

“You’re astatine home. This is family,” Hunter tells WJZ. “We’re present to marque radical grin and to enactment joyousness into people’s hearts.”

Even though they’ve been unfastened conscionable implicit a month, their pursuing is rising similar the scarlet batter successful reddish velvet oregon the affluent home-baked spirit of cocoa chip.

Morgan is 1 of the Cake masters successful the shop. You tin spot her grin done her eyes portion she wears a mask.

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“All of the cakes are conscionable truthful peculiar adjacent if it’s idiosyncratic conscionable treating themselves to 1 small bundtlet,” she laughs.

Emily is simply a schoolhouse main but you tin inactive drawback her present serving her community. It’s a household concern with the roots of emotion successful each serving. She said, “she wanted to bash this successful Owings Mills due to the fact that it’s person to maine which conscionable tore maine isolated due to the fact that I was truthful thrilled she wanted to bash this with me.”

Holidays. Birthdays. Weddings. This franchise is doing it each with existent ingredients with a broadside of compassion and attraction successful each bag.

“Doing this with my Mother has been the astir astonishing acquisition of my life,” Emily said.

Hunter tells maine the astir challenging portion astir opening a concern during the pandemic was the construction.

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If you’re funny successful ordering immoderate saccharine treats online, spell to

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