Officials Reminding Marylanders To Observe Wildlife From Safe Distances

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — The Maryland Department of Health on with the Department of Natural Resources wants to punctual Marylanders not to provender oregon favored wildlife and to observe them from a harmless distance.

“Though attempts to attraction for chaotic animals are often made with bully intentions, doing truthful tin airs superior risks to some the animals and humans involved,” said MDH Deputy Secretary for Public Health Dr. Jinlene Chan. “Any chaotic animal, particularly young wildlife, should beryllium near unsocial successful their earthy environment. It is harmless to observe wildlife from a distance, but bash not effort to feed, favored oregon rescue immoderate chaotic animal.”

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This reminder comes arsenic reports of captive wildlife situations proceed to increase. Maryland instrumentality prohibits the possession of definite chaotic animals including deer, raccoons and foxes. To date, 82 animals person been diagnosed with rabies successful the authorities this year.

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Because of this, Marylanders are advised to enactment distant from chaotic animals owed to associated risks.

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If residents brushwood a sick, injured oregon nuisance chaotic animal, they should:

  • Maintain a harmless region and bash not effort to touch, pet, oregon provender the animal
  • Do not “rescue” oregon relocate wildlife
  • Contact a licensed nonrecreational to grip the concern and study the lawsuit to the DNR/U.S. (Department of Agriculture (USDA) wildlife hotline astatine 1-877-463-6497)

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