Reisterstown’s Christian Life Church Helps Needy Post-Pandemic With Food Pantry

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REISTERSTOWN, Md. (WJZ) — A section religion is handing retired bags of food, from fruits to vegetables, for radical successful need. It’s each portion of their program to assistance radical get backmost connected their feet aft the pandemic.

“We are giving retired boxes of nutrient to radical successful our community. No questions asked anyone tin come,” said Carol Lane Williams of Christian Life Church.

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It’s each hands connected platform astatine the Christian Life Church.

“We person effect and vegetables we person cabbage, we person carrots, apples, onions,” Williams said.

Through a partnershi[ with the Maryland Food Bank, Williams said the religion is putting unneurotic boxes of nutrient for radical successful need.

“So galore radical are starving, man, and this is my church. I’ve been present for 20 years, and they’re a blessing,” said Michael Handy of Baltimore. “They assistance radical retired erstwhile they can, and it’s what we each request to bash successful times of need. We request to assistance 1 another.”

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Williams said the pandemic enactment a batch of accent connected families who were struggling to wage bills oregon fig retired wherever their adjacent repast is coming from. She said their program, “Pantry connected the Go,” volition assistance easiness immoderate of that pressure.

“We don’t inquire immoderate questions due to the fact that we recognize that sometimes it’s embarrassing for people. So we conscionable privation radical to consciousness comfy knowing they tin travel present and get that food,” she said.

Handy said the pantry is simply a blessing during hard times.

“It means a batch due to the fact that it spreads much emotion than each the hatred that’s going connected further down successful the city. We request to get unneurotic and commencement surviving arsenic one,” helium said.

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The religion said they program connected handing retired nutrient again adjacent period connected Aug. 7.

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