‘Tactless Finger Pointing’: Baltimore Officials Push Back On Hogan’s Criticisms Of The City During ‘Re-Fund The Police’ Announcement

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BALTIMORE (WJZ) — Blasting Baltimore City arsenic a “poster kid for the basal nonaccomplishment to halt lawlessness,” Gov. Larry Hogan connected Friday proposed directing an further $150 million to instrumentality enforcement agencies successful a antagonistic to the “defund the police” movement.

The wealth would spell toward wage raises and bonuses for officers, constabulary section recruitment programs, assemblage cameras and de-escalation training, victims’ services and different initiatives.

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“Thinking that you tin amended instrumentality enforcement by defunding the constabulary is similar saying that you privation to amended acquisition by defunding the schools,” Hogan said. “It’s absurd and ridiculous.”

The Baltimore Police Department’s fund roseate by $28 cardinal this year.

Without calling them retired by name, Hogan besides criticized City Councilman Ryan Dorsey, who recently suggested disbanding and abolishing the section entirely, and Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby, who the politician said “refuses to prosecute crime.”

“They’re connected gait to surpass 300 homicides again this year,” helium said. “The Baltimore Police Department is short-staffed by much than 300 officers.”

Baltimore City officials pushed backmost connected Hogan’s remarks, with immoderate arguing that hiring much constabulary officers doesn’t code the basal causes of the city’s precocious crime. Here’s a rundown of immoderate of the responses.

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott called Hogan’s remarks “tactless digit pointing” and said the Baltimore Police Department has cleared 220 convulsive transgression cases successful the past 90 days.

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“Simply dispensing wealth volition not lick thing unless that concern is met with existent leadership, accountability, and the willingness to marque pugnacious decisions,” helium said.

My connection connected @GovLarryHogan's announcement. pic.twitter.com/IRsqbHKjnp

— Brandon M. Scott (@MayorBMScott) October 15, 2021

Maryland Senate President Bill Ferguson, who lives successful Baltimore, suggested “improving nationalist information isn’t astir conscionable penning a bigger check,” and said a broader strategy would admit that “poverty and accidental signifier the result of individuals.”

Nothing is much important than ensuring nationalist information passim the State. Enhancing instrumentality enforcement spot and effectiveness is an important nonsubjective to make that safety. We person and we volition proceed to enactment investments that heighten spot and safety.

— Bill Ferguson (@SenBillFerg) October 15, 2021

Baltimore City Councilman Kristerfer Burnett told WJZ that adding much officers doesn’t code the basal causes of crime.

“It’s often economical issues that radical are facing, addiction issues that radical are facing, lodging insecurity — I mean, there’s immoderate fig of issues that we could beryllium investing hundreds of millions of dollars into,” helium said.

Del. Stephanie Smith, who represents the 45th District, slammed Hogan’s proposals arsenic “performative hand-wringing astir the devastating impacts of convulsive crime” and said the politician hasn’t adequately invested successful nationalist proscription and education, “the things that make & link radical to opportunity.”

For 6+ years, @GovLarryHogan has failed to adequately money authorities nationalist information staff. Recidivism is linked to this intentional de-funding of the professionals needed to hole justness impacted individuals for a productive taxation paying beingness upon their instrumentality to communities. 1/

— Stephanie M. Smith (@Smith4Delegate) October 15, 2021

City Councilman Antonio Glover started retired by defining the “defund the police” movement, saying it is “all astir divesting the overinflated constabulary fund and investing that wealth successful different sectors. This volition let the constabulary to bash existent constabulary work, and not that of intelligence wellness specialists and societal work workers.”

Glover besides tied the city’s levels of unit to a deficiency of high-paying jobs and disinvestment successful section infrastructure.

Councilman Glover’s connection connected Governor Hogan’s property league pic.twitter.com/wdalkWHLVP

— Councilman Antonio Glover (@Team_Glover13) October 15, 2021

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Dorsey suggested a antithetic benignant of refund.

I heard refund constabulary and thought it meant giving radical a refund connected the billions of dollars spent connected the prevarication that constabulary would marque thing better.

— Ryan Dorsey (@ElectRyanDorsey) October 15, 2021

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