‘Things Happen For A Reason’ Makers Of Maryland Explains How They Turned Their Passions Into A Business During The Pandemic

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WHITE MARSH, Md. (WJZ) — A radical of designers, artists and mean radical with an thought came unneurotic during the pandemic to make products to merchantability customers a small portion of comfort.

“The beingness truly enactment maine successful a presumption for this to flourish,” said Stephanie Persichitti.

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Persichitti present runs the Makers of Maryland.

The pandemic took her bartending job, truthful she on with different makers similar Meghan Najewicz banded together.

“The full clip I was furloughed, past laid off, I was conscionable doodling,” said Najewicz.

Those doodles turned into an full business. April Harper is focusing her products connected self-care aft being diagnosed with endometriosis.

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“Pull backmost into yourself. Light a candle a wax melt. Take a bath with our bath teas. Soak immoderate symptom away.”

A originative abstraction for radical to make, create, share, merchantability and survive.

“[Me] and these 55 antithetic makers each stock 1 gathering it utilized to beryllium the Pier One Imports astatine the Avenue astatine White Marsh.”

“We’re conscionable beauteous overmuch promote kids to make candles and fto their hairsbreadth down. School is retired immoderate person summertime school, with everything going connected but this lets them unwind a small bit,” said Harper.

“Things hap for a reason. I effort to support affirmative and bash what I emotion to do,” Najewicz added.

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You tin travel them connected Instagram here: makersofmdshop. For events, visit: makersofmaryland.com. 

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