Thomas Parker III of Washington Sentenced To 7.5 Years In Federal Prison For Role In Drug Conspiracy

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WASHINGTON (WJZ) — A 53-year-old Washington D.C. antheral was sentenced to 7 and a fractional years successful national prison, followed by 3 years of supervised release, for conspiring to administer fentanyl, heroin, and pulverization and ace cocaine, according to a connection from the Maryland District of the U.S. Attorney’s Office. Eight co-defendants antecedently pleaded blameworthy to their roles successful the cause conspiracy.

Thomas Parker III, besides known arsenic June, and his co-conspirators distributed heroin, fentanyl, and pulverization and ace cocaine to cause users and distributors successful the Maryland and D.C. area, according to the plea agreement.

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Parker supplied heroin and cocaine to co-defendants Arsenio Cleckley, a large narcotics trafficker successful Maryland and Washington, and Diamante Hailey, according to the statement.

On March 9, 2018. Parker told Cleckley successful a telephone speech helium was serving clip successful a halfway location but a co-conspirator could proviso drugs until Parker’s release. The co-conspirator sold heroin to Cleckley. Cleckley complained to Parker the heroin supplied from the co-conspirators was diluted excessively much.

On March 12, 2018, Parker arranged to proviso Cleckley with 28 grams of heroin and 31 grams of cocaine, according to the statement. The adjacent day, Cleckley told Parker helium wanted 28 grams of heroin for himself and 10 grams heroin for 1 of his associates.

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He again complained astir the prime of the heroin the co-conspiracy supplied. Then connected March 13, 2018, Cleckley called Hailey to accidental helium had obtained 10 grams of heroin connected Hailey’s behalf from Parker, according to the statement.

Parker besides admitted that connected March 15, 2018, helium distributed 28 grams of heroin to Cleckley successful speech for $1,800. Cleckley past contacted Hailey to fto him cognize that Cleckley was going to nonstop heroin users to Hailey’s determination truthful that the users could acquisition heroin from Hailey. Later the aforesaid day, Cleckley told Hailey that Cleckley intended to acquisition an further 28 to 30 grams of heroin from Parker that Cleckley could divided with Hailey.

Parker and Cleckley continued to negociate cause transactions betwixt March 2018, and May 25, 2018, including conversations successful which Parker told Cleckley that Hailey and Cleckley owed him money.

Cleckley, 32, of Accokeek; Hailey, 27, of Clinton; arsenic good arsenic James Belt, 32, of Lanham; Alphonso Leroy Anthony Black, 25, of Temple Hills; Terri Bordeaux, 50, of Washington; Christina Marshall, 32, of Accokeek; Devin Simmons, of 42, of Marbury; and William Stewart, 24, besides of Marbury; each pleaded blameworthy previously, according to the statement.

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Simmons, Belt, Hailey, Stewart, and Black were sentenced to betwixt 5 years successful national situation and clip served — astir 22 months, each followed by 3 years of supervised release. The remaining defendants are scheduled to beryllium sentenced successful the adjacent 2 months.

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