‘Through The Stroke Of A Pen, Lives Will Be Changed’: REFORM Alliance CEO Robert Rooks On Mission To Improve Criminal Justice System

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(CBS Local)– The problems with America’s transgression justness strategy are not new, but the conversations astir radical inequality, constabulary brutality and the situation strategy person intensified successful this state during the past twelvemonth pursuing the decease of George Floyd. There are galore similar REFORM Alliance CEO Robert Rooks who person been doing transgression justness betterment for decades and are excited that radical are yet listening and prioritizing their pleas for change.

The REFORM Alliance aims to alteration probation and parole successful the transgression justness strategy and they are starting to bash that acknowledgment to changes successful authorities authorities and conversations astatine the national level. CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith caught up with Rooks to sermon however Floyd’s decease changed America, the issues with the parole strategy successful this state and however taste influencers similar musicians Meek Mill and Jay-Z and businessmen Michael Rubin and Robert Kraft are helping to marque conversations astir radical injustice mainstream.

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“I’ve ne'er seen thing similar it and I’m ace excited astir it,” said Rooks. “I deliberation REFORM is 1 of the astir astonishing organizations successful the transgression justness space. We are successful a infinitesimal of listening. People crossed the state deed the streets a small implicit a twelvemonth agone and they said they didn’t privation America to bash the antithetic kinds of things they were seeing connected their nightly TV with the execution of George Floyd. People spoke retired and demanded enactment from their authorities and employers. People privation to spot things change. We are asking governments to alteration their laws successful bid to facilitate existent assistance and enactment for radical and communities.”

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The REFORM Alliance came unneurotic aft signaling creator Meek Mill was sentenced to situation pursuing his apprehension for popping wheelies connected a ungraded motorcycle successful New York, which was seen arsenic a usurpation of his parole. Mill lone ended up serving 5 months successful situation aft galore influential radical came unneurotic and enactment unit connected Pennsylvania’s transgression justness system. Recently, Mill, Michael Rubin and others were cardinal successful helping the authorities of Virginia to motion a historical probation betterment measure and Rooks is hoping the aforesaid changes tin 1 time beryllium made astatine the national level.

“These are radical who are not lone putting their resources and clip in, they are committed to making alteration happen,” said Rooks. “We went down to Virginia and our squad worked with Representative Don Scott and the Virginia legislature to marque meaningful alteration hap successful Virginia. We capped probation astatine 5 years, earlier it was not capped. Meek got retired of the car and the emotion that radical successful Virginia gave him was awesome. Through the changeable of a pen, lives volition beryllium changed. People consciousness that and link to it.”

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“The national strategy has astir 120,000 people. That would beryllium the 10th largest strategy if the national strategy was a state,” said Rooks. “We’re talking astir a batch of people. Currently, determination is nary discretion. If a supervising serviceman sees something, they can’t prosecute successful champion practices, which tin beryllium giving idiosyncratic assistance immediately. We request to spot accrued discretion. We are excited to beryllium partnering with folks connected Capitol Hill to support advancing important authorities we deliberation volition bring existent accidental and anticipation for the tens of thousands of radical successful the national system.”

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