Troubling fact sinks Gruden's decaying image

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The NFL has recovered nary different existent squad oregon league unit to person sent emails containing racist, homophobic oregon misogynistic connection akin to messages written by Jon Gruden that led to his resignation arsenic Las Vegas Raiders coach, according to a idiosyncratic acquainted with the documents.

The idiosyncratic acquainted with the probe arsenic good arsenic emails told The Associated Press connected Friday that the league “did not place different areas and different individuals it has to interaction astatine nine enactment oregon league enactment levels.”

The idiosyncratic spoke connected information of anonymity due to the fact that the league has not publically released what is successful the 650,000 emails the autarkic investigators collected during an probe of intersexual harassment and different workplace conditions astatine the Washington Football Team.

“The NFL did not place immoderate problems anyplace adjacent what you saw with Jon Gruden,” the idiosyncratic said. The idiosyncratic did not code immoderate different areas of imaginable issues recovered successful the emails beyond similarities with Gruden's comments.

Jon Gruden's emails were the lone ones of interest to the NFL. (Getty)

Gruden resigned Monday arsenic Raiders manager aft the denigrating comments expressed successful emails written from 2011-18 to then-Washington nine enforcement Bruce Allen were reported. Gruden was not successful the NFL during those years, erstwhile helium was an expert for ESPN.

The NFL would behaviour a probe of Allen, who was fired successful December 2019, should helium effort to instrumentality to the league, the idiosyncratic said.

The NFL besides has categorised comparisons of Gruden's correspondences with Allen to those by apical league counsel Jeff Pash arsenic a mischaracterisation. The idiosyncratic said that the league finds those emails “in a antithetic category” arsenic a portion of Pash's job, and “appropriate.”

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Pash has been a conduit betwixt the NFL bureau and teams for years.

There were a fig of topics Pash discussed with Allen successful emails, but the NFL recovered the lawyer had not been “too chummy” with the Washington squad president, nor was determination thing that “led to immoderate benignant of undue power that resulted successful immoderate gains by the Washington Football Team,” the idiosyncratic said.

That franchise was docked $36 cardinal successful wage headdress country successful 2012 and '13 by the league, with Pash heavy progressive successful the probe starring to that discipline.

Gruden reacts earlier a crippled against the Chicago Bears astatine Allegiant Stadium. (Getty)

The timeline of erstwhile the NFL was made alert of the contented of the emails besides has travel into question. Such cognition came toward the extremity of the probe of the Washington franchise, with the investigating steadfast viewing the emails arsenic beyond the scope of their probe. When the league became alert of immoderate emails perchance of concern, it began to reappraisal those.

That led to the Gruden emails.

Confidentiality has been cited by the NFL and by the investigating steadfast successful the Washington Football Team lawsuit for not publically releasing specifics. The bulk of those who participated successful the probe were promised they would stay anonymous.

But the league surely is upset that elaborate emails to and from Allen person been leaked, though the lone comments it has made person been connected the contented of Gruden's emails.

“The league decidedly is acrophobic astir it, not blessed what is viewed arsenic confidential emails and portion of confidential investigations amusement up successful the newspaper,” the idiosyncratic said.

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