Trump’s Sedition Proven By Eastman Memo Laying Out Plan To Overturn The Election

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Trump went beyond wanting Pence to overturn the election. His lawyer, John Eastman, drafted a six-point sedition program for Pence to follow.

Trump’s lawyer had a six-point program for overturning the election.

CNN reported:

Under Eastman’s scheme, Pence would person declared Trump the victor with much Electoral College votes aft the 7 states were thrown out, astatine 232 votes to 222. Anticipating “howls” from Democrats protesting the overturning of the election, the memo proposes, Pence would alternatively accidental that nary campaigner had reached 270 votes successful the Electoral College. That would propulsion the predetermination to the House of Representatives, wherever each authorities would get 1 vote. Since Republicans controlled 26 authorities delegations, a bulk could ballot for Trump to triumph the election.

The program was archetypal projected to Pence erstwhile Eastman was with Trump successful the Oval Office connected January 4, during 1 of Trump’s attempts to person Pence that helium had the authorization to halt the certification of the election.

The grounds of Trump’s sedition is successful achromatic and white.

Eastman is nary Rudy Giuliani oregon Sidney Powell. He is simply a cardinal fig successful the blimpish movement, truthful this memo was not a Kraken oregon a Rudy Giuliani fever dream, but a thought-out program to overturn the volition of the people and support Donald Trump successful bureau aft losing an election.

If this memo isn’t capable grounds for the DOJ to analyse Trump and his ellipse of conspirators for sedition, past what is?

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